Non-Case Manged Workshops

These employment-focused workshops will help you get to work quickly! Each workshop is two to three hours long and is offered every two weeks.

Ask a staff member if you are eligible to take these workshops and how to sign up for them

Computer Basics

  • The names and use of different parts of the computer
  • How to use the boxes and windows on a computer screen
  • Using the mouse and keyboard and how to save files
  • The role that computers play in today‚Äôs job search

Microsoft Word Basics

  • How to use Microsoft Word to create a resume and cover letter
  • Basic formatting techniques to make your resume look professional
  • How to print, save, open and edit your documents

Internet and Email

  • How e-mail works and how to get an email address
  • Finding jobs and other information on the internet
  • Using e-mail and websites to send your resume to an employer